What We Do

What We Do

Faraway Fruits is a fresh fruits grower and supplier.


Faraway Fruits has operations in the UK and Mexico, where harvest is happening at different times of the year. The harvesting is the first step of the manual process. Fruits have to be picked at the right time of the day with the appropriate technique. Failing this first step might potentially cause progressive damage and quality problems to the fruit that are only apparent at arrival to the customer.

The product is hand picked and collected in plastic field boxes. Then it is conveyed by lorry to our pack house where it is graded. This first filter will detect and dismiss fruits with non-admissible defects. Subsequently, the fruit is washed, waxed, graded again and manually packed as per specifications in corrugated cartons for shipment.

The fruit is then stored in our temperature-controlled warehouse until the reefer lorry that will take it to the port of departure collects it.

Transit Time

The containers are loaded in our pack house and transported to the nearest port of loading (POL) which is Veracruz, located few miles of distance from our premises. The estimated transit time to Europe varies between 4 to 5 weeks. Nonetheless, Routes are subject to availability of maritime transport, operation and client requirements.


Container Conditions

After the harvesting, the fruits consume oxygen whilst liberating Carbon Dioxide and Ethylene. The natural moisture and heat emanate from the fruits produces what is called fruits respiration, which results in the fruit deterioration. Hence, it is of the utmost importance to keep fruits under a detailed control of the temperature and atmosphere

A suitable atmosphere will contain the adequate blend of oxygen, carbon dioxide and nitrogen. This atmosphere is emulated by reefer containers equipped with special technology to provide the fruits with the adequate condition to decelerate the ripening process and therefore increase the shelf life of the product. Likewise, it helps to reduce the usual weight loss of the fruits caused by dehydration.

We use innovative technology in our reefer containers to reduce decay, control ripening, reduce food-borne pathogens and ensure higher-quality arrivals. Therefore, improving food safety across the supply chain and increasing shelf life of the product.

The UK

Once in the port of arrival, the refrigerated containers are transported to the client warehouse where they are unloaded, afterwards the fruit pass through a QC inspection and finally stored in temperature controlled warehouses ready for selling.

The UK office manages downstream operations and activities including business intelligence, logistic support and relationship with new and existing customers. The UK team is able to offer our customers a local service with transatlantic information and reach. The UK operation is key to understand our clients evolving needs and enables us to adjust our services accordingly.

Faraway Fruits is a supplier of fresh fruits to the European market.