Faraway Fruits is a fresh fruits grower and supplier to the European and other international markets.

Rooted in Latin America and established in the UK, Faraway Fruits’ aim is to seed, grow and supply fresh and healthy fruits from the tropics.

Based on a strong fruit growing and trading heritage, we highly value the long-term relationships we have cultivated for more than 30 years with our customers, suppliers and the community.

Our customers benefit from our local expertise and experience. We want them to be fully informed about our crops and processes so they can advise and provide their customers with accurate and relevant information. When it comes to quality and consistency of supply we do not take any chances.

We have worked relentlessly with our partners to achieve international renowned accreditations such as Global GAP, which allow us to meet the highest of standards.

Our international team gives our customers to have an accessible service on both sides of the Atlantic. It allows us to understand their evolving needs and to adjust our services accordingly. We work side by side with our customers delivering actionable insights to plan, execute and complete successful seasons.

Achieving our customer goal is achieving ours; thus going the extra mile is the Faraway Fruits approach.

Hand Picked – Hand Packed

We grow and pack the highest quality products from sought after locations in the tropics where the soil and weather conditions are favourable to the cultivation of limes and mangoes.

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“We show our dedication by ensuring our fruit is grown under environmentally friendly policies. Bringing fairness to fruition is more than our slogan: it embodies our core values at Faraway Fruits.”
Daniel Sira, Business Development