Core values at Faraway Fruits

Behind every excellent Faraway Fruits product are the untold stories of the committed individuals who proudly produce the highest quality produce that Faraway Fruits partners deliver around the world.

We show our dedication by ensuring our fruit is grown under environmentally friendly policies. Bringing fairness to fruition is more than our slogan: it embodies our core values at Faraway Fruits.

Data Transparency

Reflecting our commitment to transparency and best procurement and selling practices, we count on a suite of reports obtained from independent sources of pricing information and other bodies. Our partners’ information originates from different sources. Such as public and private entities and partners.

Our historical data, daily market reports and market analysis assist us with key information for average season pricing and daily pricing negotiations. It also helps our customers and us to understand past situations that might be replicating and affecting the business in the future. Moreover, trend analysis and reports allow us to provide useful information to our customers so we can make well-informed decisions together.