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from Veracruz

The perfect combination of rain, climate and geology makes the warm tropical weather of Veracruz a superb asset for the cultivation of limes and other tropical fruits. The tasty and fresh flavour of the limes from Veracruz, Mexico are well known around the world. The importance of the limes comes from its nutritional and medical properties. They are a must have dressing for salads, a perfect companion for your Mezcal, Tequila or Rum.

  • Variety: Persian • Availability: Year round


from Mexico

  • Variety: Tommy • Availability: Feb – Aug
  • Variety: Keitt • Availability: Jul – Sep
  • Variety: Kent • Availability: Jun – Jul
  • Variety: Ataulfo • Availability: Feb – Aug

Recognised as one of the finest tropical fruits, mangoes are grown in warm and temperate climates. Although, their origins can be traced to the northwest of India and North of Burma, today they are found in over 100 varieties and cultivated in South Africa and Latin America. Mexico is the world’s largest exporter. Amongst the most popular types are Keitt, Kent and Hadden. With a thick skin, it comes in various colours; red, yellow, green or orange, it is fleshy with a thick skin and a stone in the middle. The mango is a sweet and incredible tasty fruit.

The best way to taste and enjoy this exotic manjar is just as it is, although there are those who like adding a few drops of lime to give it an interesting twist. Mango is also used for fruit juices, chutney and marmalades.

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